Can't proceed with the game.

[Post New]by 2Goofoff on Feb 19, 18 11:43 AM
When I get to the part of the suitcase and the clue is " I wonder what pictures would look like in the alternate world" and I pick up the camera, I click outside the suitcase thinking that it wants me to take a picture. The camera disappears and nothing else happens with the objects in the suitcase. The strategy guide says that I should be able to get another game piece for a puzzle that is on the road outside the house. I don't have that and am stuck. I have unloaded the game and reloaded and even changed player so I literally started the game over.Does anyone have a fix for this?

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Re:Can't proceed with the game.

[Post New]by Sidney420 on Feb 19, 18 4:44 PM
I am having the same issue...hopefully someone has an answer


Re:Can't proceed with the game.

[Post New]by einurreta on Mar 13, 18 10:05 PM
Having almost the same issue..........

Another game that I can't finish....

I'm getting tired of investing my money and time in all this games

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