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[Post New]by Nocturne on Feb 19, 18 4:49 PM
I've just discovered this game (3 years later) and love it. I've "completed" all the various HOG sites, understand that the developers never finished this game so we'll never be able to fulfill all the "Collections", but it's still fun because if you look at your Achievements, there is still plenty to do. This game has become my daily "decompress" go to game. The renderings are gorgeous and I wish I could actually be sitting at the Fishing Hut or the Forest Home sometimes. The same developers made "Lost Lands" which has some of the same background scenes but you play as a human female in all of the Lost Land games, so if you miss this island, you can go get Lost Lands although it's not the same sort of game and I find Lost Lands far less satisfying. I'm just going to continue working on Lost Island until it stops working since I stopped doing all those "free to play" games (which do cost real world money eventually).

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[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Mar 14, 18 12:39 AM
This game is a FTP available through other outlets. I played it for a while. Got to level 20, then Windows did an update. Lost all my progress. Wrote developers who blamed the Windows update, even though all my other games from the same source were still there. Started again, next week I cleaned my disk and lost my save again. Came to find out that they store your game progress in the TEMP FILES!!! So anything that disrupts your temp files (including disk cleanup) will destroy your save. So if you go play the FTP version, don't spend money or you'll lose it the first time you have to update Windows or clean your disk. I'm so glad I didn't spend any. You get about 15-20 minutes of game play every 12 hours and there are ads all over the screen with an annoying guy who pops up with a "sale" every hour.
I think this dev is rather careless with quality control, anyway. One of the Lost Lands games has a game-killing glitch in the bonus game that makes you start the entire game over (yes, the entire main game) in hopes that you might be able to finish the bonus the second (or third or fourth) time. This was brought to their attention in 2015 when the game was launched and there's been no sign of a fix yet. So I certainly wouldn't hold my breath waiting for an update for this game.

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