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Norther Tale 4 Secret Achievements

[Post New]by GJMcG on Feb 21, 18 7:56 AM
I apologize if this is a repeat.
I believe the list for NT4 was incorrectly posted in the Northern Tales 3 forum, so I am posting it here in the proper forum. (Note: I still have not found the correct list for NT3)

The following is in chronological order as I got each secret achievement:
1) Click on an achievement pop-up.
2) 3 minutes without using a bonus.
3) The whole family of hampsters found. (Level 9 for me)
4) "Don't Sleep" - no clicking for 30 seconds.
5) Warehouse full-up. (Completely fill your warehouse with food, wood, and gold)
6) Click the windows in level 16 & 17 three times.
7) Found Thor's hammer. (It can be found on many levels!)
8) Ring the bell 3 times on level 24.

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