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[Post New]by sandrahollie on Feb 21, 18 8:43 AM
Wow. Where's all this spam coming from. Please check the forums and remove it. Virus waiting to happen.

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[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Feb 21, 18 4:49 PM
Hello sandrahollie,

We understand how frustrating and disruptive spam posts can be as well as the impact of these posts on viewing more relevant and on topic posts. That said, the Forum Moderation Team reminds our players of our requests to abide by the Forum Rules by contacting an active Moderator directly rather than comment on or create new posts about posts that break the rules.

Regarding the security of the forums, spam posts themselves do not pose a direct threat, since only the moderators are able to post clickable links. The presence of spam posts in the Forums does not indicate a security breach and does not afford spammers any access to secure information that is stored by our company nor to our player's computers. To maintain that security, do not visit any of the links in the spam posts, or contact any email addresses or phone numbers that are listed in them.

Also, our team must manually remove each post and manually ban each poster making spam posts. This can take significant time and we thank our players for being patient and not commenting on spam while our team removes them as fast as they can. For more details about what this means, please see our announcement below:

An important announcement regarding spam posts - May 24, 2017

Since this post discusses spam, I am locking the thread. Players who would like to report spam that is still present after some time may do so by contacting any of our moderators directly, which helps keep more relevant posts closer to the top of the page and helps identify threads that need further action.


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