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Oxygen Bubble Recipe

[Post New]by suzee52 on Feb 21, 18 3:51 PM
Is anyone else stuck at this point in the game? I'm pretty sure that I've collected all the ingredients as I don't have any new locations to go to n or backwards. Hint is not being helpful either.
Thank you.


Re:Oxygen Bubble Recipe

[Post New]by Morrighan71 on Feb 26, 18 9:32 AM
I am stuck in this point in the game too. The recipes won't open. I can't add the ingredients in spite that it says I have the ingredients to make a potion. The recipe doesn't show in my game. The hint system won't work. My maps doesn't show me any locations I need to go to. In other words - I'm lost!


Re:Oxygen Bubble Recipe

[Post New]by ARROWLANE on Mar 2, 18 5:26 PM
Same with me.

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