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This time - LISTEN

[Post New]by Chaorite on Jun 26, 10 12:24 AM
The game developers should have listened to the voice of their playing public. Let's hope they do this time.

When DC 3 came out, people commented that it was much shorter than the second game and ended very abruptly. It was the source of some angst which was quite vehemently reflected in the forums. It alienated a lot of people.

Had the developers listened and then thought about it, they would have realized that the solution to winning the players back is not to create a much weaker and shorter game that ends even more abruptly but to invest the time and effort in creating something that will both impress and challenge.

Like sequels of all sorts however, the follow ups rarely live up to the glory of the original.

This is twice the game has seriously let even the most tolerant of fans down. Let's hope they listen this time or it won't be worth making a fifth in the series which they so obviously intend to produce, let alone a sixth and seventh which is the logical progression - air, water, fire, earth...

The focus needs to be on the product quality not the shortest time frame in which it can be delivered. If they can deliver that, it may be worth the standard game price. Whether it's worth $20 ... I suspect a great many will be playing the demo before deciding to commit to payment.

They just really let everyone down, themselves included.

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Re:This time - LISTEN

[Post New]by lydiajmack on Jun 26, 10 12:22 PM
I am sorry that you are disappointed in this game. I am loving it. The graphics just are so awesome. And I, for one, like that the mini games are NOT "hair ripping" hard. and I do so love the whole fairy thing.

One thing that the developers can't get right is the strategy guide When you access it in the middle of the game, the guide reverts back to the start of the chapter and you end up flipping a number of pages to get back to where you were. (Salem Witch Trials, flipped back to the VERY BEGINNING...EGAD~!) It is a small annoyance but one, nevertheless.

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Re:This time - LISTEN

[Post New]by pkdream5 on Dec 5, 11 8:33 PM
you must of finished the game so let us in on how to beat the wheel puzzles. I've been tryin for 3 days and have the diagram from the walkthrough & still can't get it to work. I will probably uninstall & reinstall and do it all again to see if that works. I beat the book of water collectors edition though. pkdream5

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