Exiting Granny without loss of life

[Post New]by HookedOnGranny on Feb 23, 18 11:08 AM
1. If you're on the screen where you select a level to play, click instead on Menu (usually at the upper left or bottom middle of the screen) to back out to the Main screen, where you can select Exit.

2. If you've just arrived on a level & haven't started to move yet, press your Esc key.

Either of these methods may take you through a "scavenger hunt" of screens & selections before you can get to the Main screen & exit. I haven't found any way to bypass that annoyance.

3. If you're in the middle of playing a level & want to quit, press Ctrl-Tab to switch to another open program ("app") on your computer. Granny will collapse into an icon at the bottom of the screen & can be closed without re-opening it.

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