Crazy Wheel

[Post New]by scampercat on Feb 23, 18 12:02 PM
I keep seeing a pop-up that says "Spin The Crazy Wheel For Prizes". Where is the crazy wheel??? I have searched everywhere and I am on level 6 now. Is it yet to come or have I missed something? Thanks.

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Re:Crazy Wheel

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Feb 23, 18 4:51 PM
When you can't complete a level the Crazy Wheel will pop up to spin for a chance to get a few extra moves, an extra life, or coins.

You've no doubt seen it and just didn't realize what that was. It only pops up when you fail a level. That includes the Arena where you battle for the different chests.


Re:Crazy Wheel

[Post New]by scampercat on Feb 24, 18 4:43 AM
Oh, yes, of course I've seen that (and used it!) but didn't realize that was the "Crazy Wheel"! Thank you, Silver Hawk. You have helped me more times than I can count - especially on Free The Witch and now this game. You are awesome and a true blessing to us gamers who get stuck. Keep up the good work!!!

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