Error Code 912

[Post New]by mom1213 on Feb 24, 18 9:19 PM
I bought this game today (did not use game credits). (The trial version downloaded correctly) When I tried to install the game this was the message:

We couldn't install your game because the C rogram Files(x86)\fgsbdzv.exe drive is unavailable. Error Code 912

Can this be fixed?

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Re:Error Code 912

[Post New]by Majestyx12 on Feb 25, 18 4:27 AM
I would put your question in tech issues under this game title. Try turning it on one more time. If it still doesn't work, then I would uninstall and reinstall. If that didn't work I would make up a ticket by clicking on help at the top next to community. Then click Technical.

That's just how I would handle it. They have articles that offer help you can read. They will want to know what system you have. Pc or mac and what version. You can read what problems other gamers have or fix they may have found in the tech issues. This site needs the problems to be reported there so they know there is a problem. Also if it's all or some have problems. Maybe they can have someone working on fixing it.

Good Luck

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Re:Error Code 912

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Feb 25, 18 9:02 AM
Hi mom1213,

It sounds like an error is coming up when trying to install the game, This may not be something we can effectively fix over the forums, but I'll be happy to do my best to see if we can get it working. Error 912 is one of the error codes that comes up when the Big Fish Games app is having trouble finding the place the game is supposed to be installed. Generally it happens when an external hard drive is involved and ends up disconnected somehow. It can also occur if the drive letter where games are normally installed has changed. The following link has more information about this type of error:

Game Installation Location Unavailable

If that doesn't do the trick, please contact our Technical Support Team and make sure to include the error code number in the email to them. They'll be able to better troubleshoot with the tools they have available.

As Majestyx12 mentioned, we do request that our players post technical issues in the designated Tech Issues thread for each game. This helps keep the forum organized and lets our Moderator team better track and report issues our players have run into. If there are future concerns with this game, please go ahead and post those here:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Royal Detective: The Princess Returns Collector's Edition here.

Since this is a technical issue, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. Please feel free to contact one of our Moderators with any remaining questions. We'll be happy to help out however we can.


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