Help for Level 10 and Level 15

[Post New]by witch8poo on Feb 25, 18 12:29 PM
Can't get level 10 in gold time; can't get level 15 at all - HELP

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Re:Help for Level 10 and Level 15

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Feb 26, 18 3:16 PM
Hi witch8poo,

I always need to get gold time, or it drives me nuts! I went through the level again, step by step. As you're playing, you'll be able adjust to your needs as the level plays out. I had lots of time left to finish with gold using this strategy. I finished in 4:48. Hope it helps.

Collect the wood logs on upper right corner of castle
Collect food in the fields
Build house
Break down wood pile to gold bags on left, and collect them
Build druid tent
Break rock to worker on the lower left
Cut lone tree on top
Keep collecting food when available
Upgrade druid temple
Put two workers in druid temple
Collect mana bottles on lower left
Break wood pile on lower left to free worker
Send "witch" to break up large stone on left leading to mana well
Use beat the enemy to destroy succubi
Release workers from Druid temple and sent them to gather food and gold
Build house
Start breaking small rocks to mana well on left - keep gathering food and gold
Oh - use Johnny to defeat the skeletons, but don't build towers
Send two workers back to Druid temple
Gather mana bottles and mana from well on left only
Break first rock to ballista
Keep gathering food and mana
Gather enough gold to break the last rock to the ballista
Use worker acceleration spell
Keep gathering mana only from far left well
Send Johnny to kill skeletons
Use fast crops, worker acceleration and beat the enemy as needed.
Release workers from Druid temple when you have 350 food
Send four workers to destroy ballista
Keep using worker acceleration
Use the one worker to keep collecting mana
When ballista is destroyed, send two workers to Druid temple
Send rest of workers to collect mana from all four wells
Use worker acceleration and beat the enemy, as needed.

Hope this helps. I'll replay level 10 and post once I'm done.

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Re:Help for Level 10 and Level 15

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Feb 26, 18 4:31 PM
Level 10

Collect food
Build Druid temple
Break wood pile above the bell
Collect food
Build house
Send worker to Druid temple
Collect mana, then food once available
Collect mana
Cut tree leading to path to sawmill
Use invisibility spell
Collect one log pile, and build sawmill.
Have the other worker gathering mana
Send one worker to sawmill, and release worker from Druid temple.
collect log pile and chop trees
Build house
Keep an eye on the invisibility spell, and use bell to call workers when it gets low.
Use invisibility spell
Have three workers chop wood.
At 200 wood, send three workers to start repairing carriage
At 250 wood, release worker from sawmill and send to repair carriage.

I finished in 3:17

Hope this helps! Have fun

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