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bonus level

[Post New]by keldra1024 on Jun 28, 10 9:30 AM
I saw reference to a bonus level available after finishing at the expert level(To the Shore?). I have finished the expert level, but nothing new came up on the game map. Is there a special way to access the bonus level?

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Re:bonus level

[Post New]by hbgroadends on Jun 28, 10 10:00 AM
keldra1024, to my knowledge (though I could be wrong), the bonus levels are only available on the Collector's Edition. I purchased the CE of this game when I found out that there were 30 additional bonus levels once you achieved expert status on all of the levels. Definitely worth the $20.

Since I don't have the regular game, I can't swear that there are no bonus levels for that one, but I haven't heard of any.

If you decide that you really enjoy the game enough to want the extra levels, you can contact Customer Service and I've heard that they will credit you for the regular game, then you can purchase the CE.

(Of course, this means you would have to start at the beginning again--oh darn! )

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Re:bonus level

[Post New]by Nansky69 on Jun 28, 10 10:30 AM
Hi Keldra1024,

I came across the same problem and purchased the CE version after I finished all levels in the normal version. Besides the walkthrough you also get a lot of bonuslevels and as I installed the game I found out I could go on right away, it allready had my profile and scores from the normal version in it.

Wait for next month (if you're a member because this CE version gives you 3 punchcardstamps.

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