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special cards

[Post New]by esthers2 on Feb 26, 18 11:32 AM
at the top of the completion page it show special cards that are worth 2.5 coins but always shows 0 how do you get them

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Re:special cards

[Post New]by moonryu on Feb 26, 18 9:11 PM
If the 2.5 is what I think it means that is the multiplier that is applied to any cards left at the end of the hand.

So if you had 0 cards left then it would be 0 * 2.5 = 0 coins
And if you had say 10 cards left then it would be 10 * 2.5 = 25.coins

That said I usually don't worry about the multiplier unless it looks like I am going to have more than 5 cards left and the multiplier is greater than 2.

Given this game pretty much requires you to spend at least some coins each hand to successfully win a hand. Its very hard to even break even on coins gained.
You can but its hard.

I will play some hands once without any special cards to see if there is even a remote chance to win without using special cards. And it also gives me a good idea jus how many I am going to use and if (the rare time), the order of the cards cleared makes a difference.

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