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Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jul 1, 10 1:48 AM
Hey Fishies! What do you think of Slime Army? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments, opinions, hints and tips in this thread!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

Happy gaming!



Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by indigo_ladybug on Jul 1, 10 12:31 PM

A cutie type match 3 game.
No sale.

A lot of action where you're suppposed to save Slime Paradise (isn't that an oxymoron? from the dark forces of evil.)

No volume control. - very annoying.
Also, the colors are so darn close to one another, that its very hard to match them properly. Don't get me wrong, I'm an artist by trade so I can NORMALLY easily differentiate between colors, but man! I'm deleting after a bare 15 minutes of headache inducing gameplay.
No custom cursor, some people may have issues because of this.

And since (like someone else pointed out) you're busy looking for that elusive match, there is a TON of stuff going down in the bottom of the screen, you don't see really what the powerups do, and how the battle is going.

One of the few good things was that if you can't find the match, it points you in the right direction. but there is no hint button (sorry, but i was spoiled with Bejeweled 2).

lastly, clons. I HATE CLOWNS>UGH

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by owlgirl61 on Jul 1, 10 2:58 PM
Oh my goodness! This must be one of the most tedious match 3 games I've ever played.

When I first started playing I thought it would be easy and quick because it looked like a children's game. But no child would put up with this for long - nothing happens!

You match 3 colours, then you match 3 more, again and again and again. There's no incentives: no treasures, nothing to build, just tedium.

And who's brilliant idea was it to put yellowy orange and orangey yellow next to each other. The number of mis-matches I made.

This is so bad Big Fish.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Jul 2, 10 6:31 AM
I also had trouble with the orange and yellow. I played for the whole hour and found it kinda fun. There is volume control - i found it and turned down both the battle and the kiddy music. After i did that the sense of urgency (caused by the battle sounds) diminished.

Agree about what's going on below. You'd like to see, but have no chance because you can't stop looking for matches.

In one hour i maxed out 2 of the 4 power ups and the game did get significantly more difficult as i progressed. I wondered tho with 2/4 power-ups maxed already, how was i gonna fight successfully in later battles.

This was almost a buy for me, particularly with the July 4 discount, but i'd prefer my match 3 games to be relaxing (so i can watch tv at same time) and this one definitely isn't relaxing.

For those looking for challenges in their match 3's - this is it!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by adolia on Jul 2, 10 8:31 AM
I liked the fact that there were goals other than just finding matches. Normally match 3 games do not get much attention from me, they get boring quickly. I rarely make it through 15 minutes of the demo.

This one however had me at the end of the hour wanting to keep going. I will probably be buying this one. Definetly for anyone who wants their match 3 games to have a little bit more action, but not for the slow pace lovers!


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by Bluto1999 on Jul 2, 10 5:21 PM
I love Match 3 games and I was going to buy this with the 4th of July discount. But, sadly I won't. The yellow and orange are just too hard to tell apart. That's the main reason. Also, like others have stated, you really can't watch the battle down below because you are rushed making matches. I see alot of potential for this format, but there's just not enough there to purchase. Sorry.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by lemur998 on Jul 4, 10 1:29 PM
There are mostly negative reviews for this game, so I wanted to put in my two cents worth. I didn't like this game at first, but by the end of my trial I was hooked and had to buy it. I finished the whole thing in one evening because I couldn't stop playing and now I've started a second game to try to get all the upgrades. I find the game play very fun and I enjoy trying to gather the crystals to buy upgrades. It's also fun to watch the results of making matches that cast spells. Watching the tornado zoom across the screen is satisfying!

There is a volume control in the options menu. You will need it because the volume is set too high at first. I am having a very hard time distinguishing between the yellow and the orange slimes, but it's gotten easier to tell them apart as I've played and I'm enjoying the game enough to put up with it. I had a little trouble making matches at first because I was trying to click one slime and then click a second one to swap them. You actually have to click one slime, hold down the mouse button, and then slide it to make the swap. You don't have to move the mouse much to get it to slide, so I actually played through a couple of rounds thinking that the two-click method was working.

The game play is very fast paced at first, so you do spend time matching so fast that you can't watch much of what's going on in the battle. As you upgrade, your slimes get stronger and you can take some time to watch the battle. You can also watch the slime numbers in your menu on the left. The first number is how many slimes are on the battlefield and the second is how many slimes are waiting to join the battle. In the story mode, I've only ever seen from 5 to 7 slimes at one time on the field, so making matches builds up the waiting number. Once you have plenty of slimes waiting, you can take a break from matching and watch the battle.

Now that I have started a second game, I'm finding it much easier! I'm trying to make the levels last longer so I can get crystals and the first levels are now so much easier that I'm having a hard time not winning right away!

Unless you hate it right away, I recommend giving this game a chance and playing it for at least a half hour. I didn't like it at first and I was sure that I wouldn't want to buy it. It just didn't seem like much fun, but once I got used to the game play, I really enjoyed it! By the time my hour was up, I had grown to love it!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by Gieyo on Jul 9, 10 3:25 PM
I played the whole demo although I felt like quitting after 10 minutes. I confess I stuck to the end just to see if:
a) The game got any better
b) The background changed at some point
c) I could get all upgrades before the trial expired.

As far as I got in the 1h demo (to the map, about to start level 11), the answers are:
a) No
b) No
c) Yes

Maybe there are more upgrades in further levels? I don't know, but by the end of level 10 I had "MAX" (which is 10) of bow, treasure chest, sword, defense (not sure I am leaving anything out). So unless the game changed later on it was pretty dumb to keep going on a M3 game where getting the best combos to buy upgrades seems to be the main goal. Then again, maybe it all improved in level 11. And I hope the background changed there.

As others have pointed out, there is a lot going on below the M3 field but you can hardly look at it. Basically it is just slimes killing or getting killed. I found it rather depressing. The repetitive music is infuriating and seemed (IMHO) rather silly as to go with the epic slaughter beneath. The sound effects with death cries were awful and made the music seem even less appropriate.

The colors are confusing, the animation I found jerky, annoying and uncomfortable for eyesight; the graphs seem to belong in a 1970's video game (so does the music).
I am not sure if it was oriented for kids (I hope not), but all I can think is it would be a great game if it had come out of a time capsule buried in 1971. I played more sophisticated stuff on my Spectrum (maybe because that was in the early 80's? ).

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by Gieyo on Jul 9, 10 3:34 PM
Oh. I forgot: Maybe I'm weird, but IMO it was also annoying that every once in a while I got a "trophy" for no apparent reason. The game simply stopped and this floating trophy appeard on the board saying "You won a trophy". Nothing else. No clue what the trophies were for. They were all different, but they didn't even have names (something like the "villain terminator" or the "combo prize" that could give a clue as for what I was earning it for).

I confess I didn't pay much attention, so I would like to think somewhere in the map (although I don't remember seeing it) you could access the trophy room. But the thing is I felt like when you get one of those letters (or e-mails) congratulating you for winning the lottery when you don't even buy tickets. It seemed fake to keep getting unknown trophys at regular intervals for no apparent reason.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by stankerbell on Jul 12, 10 2:08 AM
Haaaaated this game.

I played 30 minutes before I had to throw in the towel because my eyes hurt so badly. I think it was a combo of trying to tell apart colors that are much too similar and all of those eyes on the bubble thingies. Not the best idea game developers. I think it's trying to do too much. It was a cute premise. A match three game where your doing battle with an enemy. Also, I'm not sure why they are called "slime" they look like balloons, sound like balloons too.

I also didn't like the game mechanic. I like to click on things to make matches. I hate it when I have to click and drag the object up or down especially since a couple of times my clicks didn't even register.

I wouldn't play this game even if it were free.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by talisman018 on Jul 13, 10 1:16 PM
I'm afraid that I have to agree with almost everyone so far. I love the little slimes from a certain big name game and their very big game company. (RPG fans will know who I'm talking about - the words Dragon and Warrior might clue in the rest who don't. ) The little slimes in this game are quite cute. But very hard to distinguish. The colours are far too close. I had trouble with yellow/orange, blue/purple, and sometimes, simply with finding three of the same close enough together in a chaos of colours. My eyes got distracted by looking for the little ghosted symbols instead of focusing on what colours to match. I found that my eyes were constantly straying to the bottom of the screen to watch my little slime army instead of trying to make more slime matches.

Also, the music is annoying. Thankfully, you can turn it down or all the way off, which I did. The controls are a bit sticky. Not always are you sure if you have grabbed the slime that you want to move. It doesn't seem to grab them and move them easily. Maybe that was my mouse, I don't know. But if you can't move them fast when you need to, then it's not well done. There is also a bit of a problem with English (poor grammar), but that's a minor point. You can understand it, which is what really matters. It's just that it could have been done better.

Last, according to another fishie, the game is quite short and can be finished in only a couple of hours or so. That's just wrong. Myself, I only played through the first level. The screen was hurting my eyes by then. And I've only been at my computer for 30 minutes. (I normally use my computer for up to 9 hours at a time.)

Graphics: 6 out of 10
Music: 2 out of 10
Controls: 4 out of 10
Gameplay: 5 out of 10
Fun Factor: 4 out of 10
Length: 2 out of 10 (based on other review, not personal experience)

Sorry, but I really can't recommend this game to anyone. Badly done, cute concept but done all wrong. Too bad.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by meisie99 on Aug 15, 10 2:52 PM
There's a lot of really great match 3 games out there. This is not one of them. I only made it 13 minutes into the demo. Not my cup of tea.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Slime Army

[Post New]by timbermoon on Nov 2, 12 11:06 PM
I agree with so much that I have read here. The game is terribly cute, but the colors can be very difficult to distinguish, you can't watch the battle going on below because you're too busy matching, the trophies awarded seem to be random, etc. The idea behind it is interesting, but the execution is lacking.

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