Cleaning the Meadow

[Post New]by ocarinalady on Feb 28, 18 8:46 PM
Hi, I know I have to invite neighbors to clean the meadow but do I have to send a message to ask them to help or does it start automatically after they become my neighbors? Also do I get a conformation message that they have become my neighbors? Thank you for any help.


Re:Cleaning the Meadow

[Post New]by NorthStorm on Mar 1, 18 2:17 PM
When you send an invite, you'll see their crest appear in your friends list at the bottom of the list. Their crests will be kind of transparent. Once they accept, they'll move up into the side bar depending on their level.

You won't receive confirmation that they are neighbors, only when you see their cress in full color you'll know they accepted. Even if you have the 17 neighbors at first, you'll still have a few rumbles in the meadow. There's a rune on the Tree of Wisdow that allows you to gain 7 more Neighbors (you will need those to completely clear the meadow).

You do not need to send them anything to help clear the meadow, it will happen as you get more and more neighbors. Someone that opens the meadow with already his 17 neighbors active will have it cleared.

Try finding the forum directly with the devs, there's a section where you can see people asking for Neighbors classified per day with some old payers looking for new neighbors or newbies that what some too.


Re:Cleaning the Meadow

[Post New]by ocarinalady on Mar 1, 18 6:01 PM
Ok, thank you for the help.


Re:Cleaning the Meadow

[Post New]by NorthStorm on Mar 1, 18 7:43 PM
Happy to help - happy farming!


Re:Cleaning the Meadow

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