Stuck around the circus

[Post New]by WendyMarvell7 on Mar 1, 18 6:56 PM
I have these items in my inventory...
wine bottle
flint & stone
lock of hair

The only issue I seem to be having is that I see sparkles around all the places I have been to around the circus, the town, and other spots. I just cant seem to figure out what they are for... for example there are a few spots like the crate near the now sedated wolf, the door leading to another section inside the fortune teller Madlen's tent, and the boulder on the road leading to the circus, as well as the storm grate where I initially found the medallion that I thought maybe the crowbar would be useful for but no that is just not the case... I know what I am supposed to do with the lock of hair (compare it to the circus wolf's hair} and the medallion (something really important eventually) its just this other stuff I cannot for the life of me figure out........

sorry about the long rant of a post but I needed to vent some frustration.... anyway I will be much obliged if anyone can help me out with this.


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