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Stuck on fire recipe

[Post New]by shellykayd on Mar 1, 18 9:40 PM
I played the demo of this game and had no problem with this recipe, but once I bought the game, I started from the beginning and I cannot change the recipe in the book so I can make the fire. I have all the ingredients.

No matter where I click, it says "I should finish this mixture." It shows the Redwood Brew recipe, which I have already done, but I can't change the page to the next.

I have tried using hint, but it doesn't show me anything, so I'm not sure what to do next. I still have the save from the demo, but I really like to start from the beginning after I buy a game since I often forget much of it between playing the demo and buying the game.

Anyone else?

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Re:Stuck on fire recipe

[Post New]by simtique on Mar 1, 18 10:55 PM
i am also stuck on this level
hope it gets fixed

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