Can't advance

[Post New]by kcorjasso on Mar 2, 18 12:33 PM
I got into the cemetery and am stuck. I can't get the pieces I need to play the crypt puzzle and every screen that I go to says "nothing to do here". I go to the map and it marks 6 places that I am, no tasks that can be done and no where to visit. I uninstalled and re installed the game with no luck. this prob does not make sense. I did go to the walk thru pages and I see what I need to do next, but the game won't let me.


Re:Can't advance

[Post New]by graefinpelagia on Mar 9, 18 2:20 PM
I experience the same exactly. Am in the cemetery and can't go to any place.
Also the screen flickers horribly, which is very disturbing.

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