bells and chiomes

[Post New]by sharkfan70 on Mar 2, 18 2:58 PM
I'm stuck I can't get the code to work on the chimes. How do I get the code to work.
I have got the code from the journal 1352 and followed the walkt though. But I still can't get the chimes to work. Can anybody help.

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Re:bells and chiomes

[Post New]by bridie47 on Mar 5, 18 7:27 PM
I think you have missed a number. should be 13452.(mine is) I will try to explain it
click on the first chime. miss the next one , then 3,4,5, then click on the second chime.. and no I don't think they chime so happy hunting..
btw check your diary on the left you should have the numbers in there,,,

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