Difficulty Level too High, or Time Limit too Short

[Post New]by heatherceana on Mar 4, 18 5:46 AM
I bought this game a long time ago. After playing it once, it for whatever reason no longer worked on my old laptop, which has newer architecture than this one, as this one is the old laptop from my kids. I switched due to graphic card issues. This game works fine on this laptop. I spend the last couple of days trying to play this on here. You cannot turn a large enough profit per day to make winning the challenges feasible. Obviously, if your price is too high, your sales will drop. If your price is too low, you will not reap the profit that you could. Advertising doesn't work very often, as is perhaps the case in real life, frankly.

I don't regret buying the game, as I've got 25 unused credits now. I do wish that the dev team would bring out a newer version, with the algorithms tweaked, so that you're not getting slammed with negative factors, or tweaking the production costs.

Also, I found the cost to upgrade my production out of proportion with what I gain from Level 1 to Level 2. I was disappointed that you cannot upgrade from Level 2 to Level 3, but let's face it, when would you ever have $600,000 anyway? $6000 for Level 0 to Level 1 was fine. $60,000 to gain an extra 20 pieces per product was a bit steep.

Again, it's not really even the prices of new products and upgrades, so much as the profit margin. You need lower production costs, frankly, because the cost of the cosmetics is already quite high for the customer.

So, lovely game, but discouraging.

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