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Sleezy Girl? What do you think?

[Post New]by mazomaiden on Oct 31, 08 7:32 PM
Yuck does anyone else think the girl in the game is dressed sleezy? Seriously the low slung shorts I can deal with sort of but the nipples? Hey I doubt alot of teenage boys are playing this game. Its pretty gross! Might as well throw in a game with a guy in a G-string for all the girls!

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Re:Sleezy Girl? What do you think?

[Post New]by LizzieK on Oct 31, 08 8:56 PM
I agree. Especially when she first gets to the island. Not only can you see everything under her blouse but during the whole scene she stands there wiggling back and forth. I think the word slutty came to mind for her and sleezy for the guy.

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