Cheated out of the tour

[Post New]by luvatrivia on Mar 5, 18 2:50 PM
I really regretted purchasing this game since I bought it more as a beginner and have progressed to almost expert with match 3. It was sitting in my game app and last night I thought I would give it another try. For some reason, I loved it and finished the level. I was excited to go to the next level and so glad it was turning out not to be the boring dud it had seemed to be after the last time I played it. So now being happy thinking I will really play this, I went to the next level. As I was clearing the board all of a sudden it froze on me. I let it sit thinking it would come out of the glitch which happens once and awhile. Since it never did start working I tried to close the game, then my whole computer went into rainbow pixels. I had to shut down my computer totally. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it did it again. I tried it again and this time I got a message from windows that it had a bug and had to shut down. This happened twice and would just shut down even when I tried to do what it said to fix it. I see on an older tech thread other people got this same message and there is no answer on here. My big fish graveyard is about filled. is about filled. I cannot find anything on a debug remedy on here.

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