Level up my 'Multiplier' ?

[Post New]by FishyBiotch on Mar 6, 18 1:58 AM
As I was collecting my daily reward I saw something about leveling up my multiplier to receive better rewards ...

I have scanned over the forums looking for information but haven't had any luck finding what I'm looking for .... just curious what this is and how do I level it up LOL


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Re:Level up my 'Multiplier' ?

[Post New]by Dirk_Tee on Mar 6, 18 3:17 AM
You level up by collecting your reward each and every day, without interruption.
If you skip a day, you get set back.


Re:Level up my 'Multiplier' ?

[Post New]by FishyBiotch on Mar 6, 18 7:48 AM
Ahhhhh of course

thank you, and will keep checking in every day to get leveled up ...

great info as always

this game is quickly becoming my second favorite game.... second to MC that I am completely addicted to .... gonna need an intervention if this keeps up

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Re:Level up my 'Multiplier' ?

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Mar 6, 18 8:06 AM
Do go into the Helpful Links for Antique Road Trip thread. There is some valuable information in there. There are a couple pitfalls in the game. There is important information in those links to help you completely avoid them.

Not to mention the tips and strategy that will help make your game play more enjoyable.

It can be a lot of reading but it's worth it.

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