rebuilding energy

[Post New]by FishyBiotch on Mar 6, 18 2:09 AM
Morning everyone,

are there any ways to refill/rebuild energy levels faster? I keep using my keepsakes to lower the cost of HOS and food to restore and also to increase my maximum energy level, I also use keepsakes to reduce the cost of running the HOS .... and I understand once I run out of energy I can purchase more if I want to continue playing ....

guess my question is: Is there any way to speed up the restoring of energy? I find my self just checking in and sending keys to my friends that need them and not playing until the following day because my energy level has only built up a third/half way.

can't see much sense in increasing my max levels of energy if its going to take me even longer to fill

thanks for any help and advice you offer

Butter Cup

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Re:rebuilding energy

[Post New]by Dirk_Tee on Mar 6, 18 3:22 AM
You speed up the energy refill if you use gold to buy a better car.
The truck gives you an energy point every 3 minutes.
It will cost you a lot of gold, but it is worth it if you play for a long time.

Also, try to increase your maximum energy. The higher your maximum, the more your pizzas and lasagnas will give you. Try to buy and use as many macaroni and cheese as you can

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Re:rebuilding energy

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Mar 6, 18 6:30 AM
Build up gold and buy the Mega Truck like Dirk_Tee mentioned. Get your gold to do this by fulfilling achievements that reward gold and take part in the upcoming Spring Event to fill the seasonal collections that reward gold.

Build up your coins to buy pizza and mac n' cheese. The mac n' cheese increases your energy bar by 30 points and refills your energy bar when used. You WANT to increase your energy bar as much as you can. Then when you level up you have that much more energy to play with.

My energy meter only fills up 20 points per hour (I have the Mega Truck) my energy meter is at 1605 right now. If I use a pizza, lasagna, mac n' cheese, or level up I'll get 1605 + in energy to use. Eventually I'll double that.

You kind of have to strategize your energy. Put it to it's best use and work toward increasing your max as you go along.


Re:rebuilding energy

[Post New]by FishyBiotch on Mar 6, 18 7:45 AM
awesome!!! didn't even think about upgrading my vehicle LOL

and who doesn't love pizza and mac and cheese

thank you again for the very sound advice!!!

Butter Cup

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