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Need tips for Haasy

[Post New]by stup57 on Jul 3, 10 6:23 PM
I can't seem to maintain any income. How does one keep ahead of the destruction at Haasy? Any tips would be appreciated.

I jumped the gun again ... I was playing the demo when my time was running out. Now that I bought this game I have all the time I want to figure things out. And Hasay wasn't that hard of a level ... I was just in too much of a hurry.

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Re:Need tips for Haasy

[Post New]by Bumblebee16 on May 16, 11 9:22 AM
Ok so I bought the game and still can't figure out what you do at Haasy. I tried coming in from different ways. Tried the left half of the map and it said I didn't have enough food then tried the right half of the map and it said I didn't have enough protection. Does anyone who has completed it have an idea they can type in? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need tips for Haasy

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 23, 13 4:02 PM
The goals are 80 population, 4 (plain) Town Houses, and 2 Royal (upgraded) Farms.

I don't know what left and right have to do w/ it exactly, so I'm going to mostly ignore that.

Also, you don't have to hop onto the warning messages about food and safety that very second. The only bad consequences of putting off your responses is that population may temporarily go down until you fix the problem, thus reducing your daily income. And if you don't HAVE any population yet--other than the farmers and soldiers--I don't think either matters at all!

You're going to need both Farms (on the right), so just repair them. Eventually upgrade them both, unless you get the Rotate Crops event.

You also need to repair the Barracks (on the left), and should upgrade it as soon as you have materials.

Then it's fairly straightforward to do just what your Adviser advises: Repair Houses for 200gp each, then demolish most of them to get back 1,000gp. (If you just demolish them w/o repair, they sell for 0gp).

Then buy Materials at best discount. Hire a Hero, so you can take advantage of the good odds on profiting from his heroic deeds.

I successfully left 3 Houses, tho I suspect I could have demolished them all, before moving into building Town Houses. But I dislike leaving my theoretical population w/o a roof over their heads. On the other hand, I never upgraded the wooden Houses.

Made gold-trophy time quite easily, again.

This time thru, I did have the luck of fairly early getting a Tournament event at a point I could pay for it, picking up 4 Heros, so I could use them more freely to keep the wolves from doing 100% damage to any of my buildings. But spending gp to repair those, and/or another Barracks (soon upgraded) to prevent destruction in the first place, should also work.

At the very worst, "Leave level" and restart, w/ better luck likely.

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