catching the bird

[Post New]by daigleproh on Jul 3, 10 10:02 PM
I have the corn to attract the bird, but I can't find anything to help me catch it. Help!!!!!!


Re:catching the bird

[Post New]by gamergirl68 on Jul 4, 10 4:34 PM
In the Queen's Garden (Northern part) once you've planted the flowers, there'll be a dirt pile where the pedestal was. You need to dig it up and use what's in the chest on the bird to capture it.


Re:catching the bird

[Post New]by icedtea1313 on Jul 5, 10 7:41 PM
how do you dig up the dirt?

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Re:catching the bird

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on Jul 5, 10 8:03 PM
Get the shovel by the haunted house.

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