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More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Jul 4, 10 6:46 AM
Just finished the demo on this one. I do like it but I don't really see any time management aspects of it. It seems very arcade to me. The reason being - in time management, you are choosing where to applying your efforts. In this one, you are reacting to events and that's it.

The graphics are beautiful in the game. The premise is unusual and works well, I think. The game certainly is challenging.

What I didn't like is how difficult the game was right out of the starting gate. They give you super easy tutorial quest, then you're given quests where you are struggling just to have enough water to feed your plants and with quite a few bugs right off the bat. I keep thinking if this is level ONE, what is level 40 going to be like? LOL

The game is pretty frustrating in the first several quests as you are no where near making the kind of money you really need to be just to sustain yourself. Then to see your plants die off. One thing I do NOT like is that you cannot enter the Potions/Refill Water screens during the course of the day. So if you start a day with not enough money for adequate water, then you've got to have all your plants die before you can get in there again to purchase more. Same with finishing the quests - you are maybe 1 flower short of the current quest potion you need but since you have to play out the entire day, your plants will all be dead (and need to be upgraded again- which can take 1+ days as they are by # of harvests) by the time you get in there again.

By the end of the demo period, I seem to have gotten things better under control with the money situation but let me tell you, I was struggling to stay alive for awhile there.

I will probably end up purchasing this game. I just hope the difficulty doesn't become so much that I'm unable to continue (or wanting to toss my computer out the window) a few levels in.

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Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by Gieyo on Jul 4, 10 7:05 AM
It is a beautifully designed game in all aspects. I didn't find the difficulty hard so far (middle of second gate is where I ran out of demo), you just have to have quick reflexes and a sensitive enough mouse.

The main strategy is to decide waht potions to do and sell and whether to sell your surplus of flowers or invest them in potions (although you may lack other ingredients at that moment). This allows you to have money and -sadly like in the real world- with it you have no trouble in covering your (and your plants) needs.
Some levels are harder to complete with Expert rank, at least in a first go at the game, but they do not look impossible by any means (some Farm Frenzy levels demand more startegy and have more difficulty).

All in all, it is 85% of the time a whack-a-mole variation, the rest is when you get to do some management (while making potions and upgrading) although not really time-related.

Although iwas expecting more of a Time Management Game, I enjoyed it a lot.

Advice for those having water supply trouble: as well as upgrading the watering can and taking advantage of the powerups (as fountain in level 1 or magic plant in level 2), remember you don't have to water the plant as soon as the blue spot appears. If you wait until the blue spot is close to 3/4 left (if you have quick reflexes and want to risk it) you will save a couple of "waterings" in the long run.

Happy gaming.

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Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by MissMoraduke on Jul 4, 10 7:40 AM
HaHa, I really like this game. I only had 1 plant die, I dont know if it was a bug, or not enough water. I was too busy fighting those darn pests. I got a badge for killing all my bugs, and 1 for not letting any plants die, that was before I lost one of course. I did have trouble earning money, and my bin being full, till I figured out to sell some plants, sometimes I didnt have enough flowers to make potents. but I kept raising enough money the next day to sell things. i upgraded my water pot too, and made sure I had enough water for the next day. I am buying it with my punch card credit, I dont even need to finish the trial. I also like how the flowers evolve into better flowers. I will see if the 4th of July discount brings a game I can use, but I want this one. i got some really good games this month, so I am happy.

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Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by Myriade99 on Jul 4, 10 9:22 AM
You can put flowers in the potions even if you don't have enough to finish it, they will stay there until you have enough and it empties the flower bin so you can get more flowers during harvest time. For exemple if a potions asks for 5 yellow flowers and 5 roses and you have only 3 yellow flowers left, you can click on the potion, the 3 yellow flowers will go in and next day you'll need only 2 yellow flowers and 5 roses to finish the potion. That way you can empty your bin and use most of your flowers to make potions instead of selling them individually, wich is more proffitable. So it's a good trick unless you need the money right away.


Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by alvertis5706 on Jul 4, 10 9:59 AM
I'll make you all feel better about your experience: Guess who needed money and immediately sold off the giggling potion that was supposed to complete the task.........duh. Big duh.

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Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by SilverBranch on Jul 4, 10 11:36 AM
The only way to achieve expert time on future levels is to "manage your time" so, yes, it is technically time management.

For example, if you have 3 days for expert, but you finish in 1 day - keep going and use up all that extra time anyway because you'll need to prep for the next levels with extra gold, flowers or purchasing upgrades.

Seems like both time management and arcade to me. I like it and found it highly addictive.

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Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by SolarEclipse on Jul 4, 10 5:12 PM
I agree with this being more of an arcade game. I'm at the end of the 3rd location and it's more like "Plants vs. Zombies" and "Totem Tribe" because you're constantly under siege by the pests. It's sort of like a tower-defense game. To me it's not really a time-management game because they're no customers.

I really like it. But it's nothing like Diner Dash or Cake Mania.

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Re:More of an arcade game than time management

[Post New]by sdurrie on Jul 6, 10 2:31 PM
You mentioned the difficulty level. From playing the first garden twice, I noticed something. The more plants you add to the garden, the larger the amount of bugs that will attack.

So if you want it to be easier (in terms of bug attacks), only have one of each plant. Doing so also makes it harder to reach the goals quicker. In a way, you set your own area of difficulty.

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