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Deja vu

[Post New]by bobhillman on Mar 7, 18 6:40 PM
Has anybody else noticed that the bonus chapter is very much a rehash of "Fleshbound"? The HOPs, and the puzzles seem to be exactly the same.

(I noticed this because I replayed the first three games before playing this one, because I couldn't remember them, and certain things - Maria's resurrection, for instance - made more sense.)

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Re:Deja vu

[Post New]by JaceDelft on Mar 10, 18 7:43 AM
Yes! This "bonus" chapter is a copy of Chapter 2: College of VW:Fleshbound

Every minigame is exactly the same.
Every HOP is exactly the same.
All the scenery is exactly the same.

The only difference is in the persons.

I am angry.
I feel cheated.

I paid for a Collectors Edition that has no bonus chapter, just a slight rehash of an old game.
If I want to replay a game I am perfectly capable of doing so myself.

It will be a long time before I buy an Eipix game again.

(Sorry for the strong language)


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Re:Deja vu

[Post New]by jennsmom on Mar 12, 18 11:14 AM
Wish I'd read this before purchase. I would have waited for the SE.

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Re:Deja vu

[Post New]by JaceDelft on Mar 15, 18 11:36 AM
It was a bit of a search, the only way I found to to contact BF was trough "help" on the opening page, just right of "community".

Then click on "Technical"

Scroll down to the bottom, on the very bottom left there is a blue button with the text "?Support".

There you can enter your text.

This was my text


I have a complaint about Vermillion Watch: In Blood.

The "bonus" chapter of "In Blood" is a copy of " Vermillion Watch:Fleshbound" Chapter2:College.

Every minigame is EXACTLY the same.
Every HOP is EXACTLY the same.
All the scenery is EXACTLY the same.

I feel cheated, swindled, not by BF but by Eipix.
My mails to Eipix were returned as undeliverable.

I paid for a Collectors Edition that has NO, repeat NO bonus chapter. Just a slight rehash of part of an older game.

What I would suggest:
1)Contact the management about this practice of Eipix.
(If nothing is done I can NEVER be sure that a CE has a REAL bonus chapter)
2)Refund me in the form of a Collecters Edition Coupon.



I got a return mail stating that they had not read my mail but gave me a code for a replacement game CE or SE anyway. Valid for 1 week.

I worked! I got a free CE!

But happy I am not.
Perhaps if more people send my text or similar it might eventually cause BF to tell Eipix that a chapter of an old game as Bonus Chapter is really not done.

(and you might get a free game)


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