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Just about perfect game!

[Post New]by moosish2 on Jul 4, 10 10:04 AM
First off, the graphics are amazing! So realistic! It's like actually being in the different locales. That's my #1 requirement for a great game, and this one sure has it!

The plot is better than most, with just enough twists to make it interesting. The puzzles are just right, but there is still the (wonderful!) option to skip any that are driving you crazy.

The hidden objects are really fun to find in this one! They are the right size in proportion to the room, so everything is fair. No annoying size trickery!

No penalties for wild clicking.

The game isn't too short, making you wish it was longer, yet not too long, either.

I enjoyed this game 100% and I hope that Big Fish Games orders more from this very talented team!

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