Level 82

[Post New]by DavyRavenhorst on Mar 7, 18 9:57 PM
Hi fishies:

I am playing on level 82. When I began the level a message came up saying: "You'll complete the level faster if you remove obstacles in the right order." What does this mean?? And what order is this referring to?? Please help me fishies before I lose my mind on this level and get stumped. Argh...

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Re:Level 82

[Post New]by FRHgames on Mar 7, 18 10:42 PM
It means that you should remove all bugs prior to unfreeze all frozen coins.
If all bugs are removed, then as soon as you'll unfreeze all coins, five coins which initially are "buggy" will be collected automatically when torches will vanish.
Otherwise you have to make five rockets to collect 5 coins and it will take more time to complete the level.


Re:Level 82

[Post New]by DavyRavenhorst on Mar 8, 18 5:55 AM
Thank you FRHgames, it worked wonderfully; I got rid of the bugs first which did the trick !!

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