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Haunted Hotel Series List

[Post New]by pennmom36 on Mar 8, 18 2:50 AM
Title Collector's Edition Release Date Average Rating

1-Haunted Hotel (SE only March 5- 2008) 2.9
2-Believe The Lies (SE only January 4-2009) 2.7
3-Lonely Dreams (SE only August 27-2010) 3.3
4-Charles Dexter Ward (June 10-2012) 3.9
5-Eclipse (October 10-2013) 4.1
6-Ancient Bane (May-29-2014) 3.9
7-Death Sentence (December 18-2014) 4.1
8-Eternity (April 25-2015) 4.2
9-Phoenix (August 20-2015) 3.8
10-The X (November 12-2015) 4.3
11-The Axiom Butcher (April 30-2016) 4.1
12- Silent Waters (September 17-2016) 3.7
13-The Thirteenth (December 24-2016) 3.5
14-Personal Nightmare (May 25-2017) 4.2
15-The Evil Inside (September 30-2017) 3.8
16-Lost Dreams (March 8-2018) n/a

By: Elephant Games

Elephant Games Available:
Haunted Hotel, Royal Detective, Grim Tales, Christmas Stories, Surface, Chimeras, Halloween Stories, Midnight Calling, Mystery Case Files (Dire Grove, Sacred Grove & Fate's Carnival), Mystery Trackers, Riddles of Fate, Hallowed Legends, Death Pages, Unfinished Tales, Detective Quest, Found, Urban Legends, Lost In The City, Super Granny Run, Quark Attack, Up Balloon Up, Ball Craft, Wise Gal, Love Is, Real Stories, Bloom, RIP Trilogy, Road Rush, Jungle Heart, Avalon, Just Bones, Sir Match A-Lot, Ship of Bones, Masquerade Mysteries

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Re:Haunted Hotel Series List

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Mar 8, 18 8:19 AM
Hi Everyone,

Quite the lengthy list! Time to make this thread a sticky so players who may be new to the series can get a better idea of how long its history is. Enjoy the game, everyone!


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