Finished with only one technical boob

[Post New]by WeeHillyWilly on Jul 4, 10 9:11 PM
In that one scene towards the very end, where you had to find the chards of glass, the very bottom piece didn't want to click into place. So, I just kept clicking it where it was suppose to go, and finally it went into place.
I also noticed some of the items to find, were mis-named, for example there was one scene where it asked for Nuts, and it was really Bolts, another asked for bobby pins, and was suppose to be color headed sewing pins.....bobby pins are hairpins, not sewing pins. There are more but can't remember where or what.
Overall, it was a good game. I never had to use the walkthrough, and only used the hint a few times. Only skipped one puzzle,one of the pick the lock puzzles, it kept saying I missed when I hadn't......did it three times, so I skipped it. But I enjoyed all the little mini puzzles.
Good game

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