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in total AWE

[Post New]by satchel49 on Mar 9, 18 2:26 PM
Satchel is in AWE at the scores some of y'all are getting in some of the scenes. i can barely make it to 150 and here y'all coming up with 295 and higher! simply incredible! i thinks y'all using power ups a lot but i don't have a ton of money, diamonds, or powerups yet! everytime i try to move forward, it costs more money than i have! lol then i try to make money and geeze they want me to search a scene i just came out of! must be easier ways to get the things i need. thanks to all the helpers ya just don't know how much it helps a beginner like myself! also there should be a place that will tell me what a amulet would sell for before i make it...i made one and lost almost $500 on the deal. Anyways, i really just came to boost your egos a bit. Shine on! play on!

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Re:in total AWE

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Mar 9, 18 2:42 PM
1. Welcome, satchel49

2. There have been several threads explaining how players get those high all boils down to the slider at the top left and having a don't want the slider to go down to 0 while clicking or you get a lower score. There is no penalty for random clicking ..... but, if you use a Wand to clear 6 of the items, you NEVER get a high score because it adds no points for gathering those items.

3. When you say you are looking for a place where it shows the cost to sell an amulet....I'm assuming you are talking about the sale of a CRAFTED item......... you cannot sell an Amulet or the Energy Units associated therewith. And there actually IS a list of all the crafted items and what it will cost to craft (coins) sell (coins) disenchant (shards).

That thread and many, many, many other in game helps (most of which have been created by other players) can be found by clicking of the Helpful Links for Midnight Castle on the first page of the forum.

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