Stuck in game

[Post New]by tinaab on Mar 9, 18 2:34 PM
/I'm tuck in the last chapter before the bonus chapter where you have to pour a certain amount of blue sand. I keep over pouring it. Can you help me to get past it so I can finish the game.


Re:Stuck in game

[Post New]by gar3261948 on Mar 9, 18 9:05 PM
I'm stuck in the last chapter where you have to pour sand and it always says I poured to much also can someone out there help.


Re:Stuck in game

[Post New]by PSpoiled65 on Mar 13, 18 4:18 PM
i am stuck there too

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Re:Stuck in game

[Post New]by Akaabbey on Mar 13, 18 4:26 PM
You can only do one color at a time and each have to be poured a certain direction and slowly until you reach the end of the box...if I recall blue is last and has to be pour toward the right and slow until you reach the end.


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Re:Stuck in game

[Post New]by CherylParker on Mar 13, 18 5:33 PM
It took me a long time to finally get it. The best way I can describe is pour the purple sand until it reaches the end of the pan. When you can see it hit the end move your mouse to the right. Same with the green sand, Then with the blue pull your mouse to the left since it pours in the opposite direction. Just taking your hand off the mouse doesn't work. Once you get the purple you should be able to get the other two pretty quickly. I hope this helps. It was very hard to figure out how to do this stupid puzzle. They should have put a skip in there if was going to be so precise!!!

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