Level 32--please help

[Post New]by sewrightcat on Mar 9, 18 11:53 PM
Does anyone know how to finish level 32? I have tried a bunch of different strategies and have actually gotten down to the final gold tiles a couple of times. The problem I keep running into is that when I get to the gold tiles I have one trapped in the side alcove and the other is trapped in the main field. I have not found a way to get them in the same field at the same time. Am I missing something? I'm starting to think I'll never finish this level. Help!!


Re:Level 32--please help

[Post New]by sewrightcat on Mar 11, 18 11:05 PM
Finally!! I actually got through it! The things that helped me the most were the, start 2 tiles from opposite sides to stop somewhere in between (this takes a little practice) and figuring out short runs of the elevated tiles to keep from having to build a bridge all the way across the floor. In the end the only ones I could keep elevated were the tiles I needed to unfreeze the three ice blocks. I also made sure to choose a pair that I could position to become the gold tiles so that one slide would take them out.

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