Help with Delhi stage

[Post New]by whine101 on Jul 5, 10 2:38 PM
I can't get a perfect score on day 3 no matter how many times I try. I check out 17 people all with full hearts. What am I doing wrong?


Re: Help with Delhi stage

[Post New]by Fifi_Fluff on Aug 3, 10 10:06 AM
I have exactly the same problem...maybe it's getting an expert score but then NOT getting more money when you replay to get the perfect score? But if you max out on the number of customers and all give max tips, I don't know how you are supposed to do it?! Was sorry to see no response to your earlier comment...I'm stumped.


Re: Help with Delhi stage

[Post New]by Fifi_Fluff on Aug 6, 10 1:43 PM
OK, I finally managed it...turns out that the max number of customers for this level is 18!!! You should earn $6,420 in total if they are all 100% happy and tip to the max. Beware, my arm ached after finally completing this level...oh, but the joy!!!

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Re: Help with Delhi stage

[Post New]by Minuet888 on Nov 25, 13 3:55 PM
I too had difficulty with it but finally got through it. Now if only the same thing would happen with the last stage. Does anyone know how many customers are supposed to be in the very last level the one in Hawaii

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