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Help stuck in the Bedroom

[Post New]by ruby_leo on Nov 1, 08 1:26 PM
I can't seem to get out of the bedroom and I have all the clues because even the I doesn't seem to think there are others? Help! How do you get out the children's bedroom?


Re:Help stuck in the Bedroom

[Post New]by bkelly1 on Dec 28, 08 3:57 PM
When You are too far away from an item use either the arrow keys or the wheel on your mouse - you have to keep either using the up arrow or scroll your mouse until the X disappears. Cannot wait for Episode II to come out really love this game

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Re:Help stuck in the Bedroom

[Post New]by suzybank on Jan 6, 09 5:40 PM
it surprised me. i really got caught up in it. can't wait for the next one either!

does anyone know if there are any secret parts to the game?

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