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Finding the stairs to the roof and the pyramid??

[Post New]by Lady_Cav on Jul 6, 10 3:14 PM
I am literally two steps away from finishing the game. ..... But...!!!...

After using the Ankh on Horus, and sounding the alarm, I am supposed to find a stairway to the roof and be able to see the pyramid.

But I am lost as a goose, wandering around in circles and can't find my way out of the building though alarms are blaring and gunfire can be heard, I haven't met a guard yet.

Of course, the darned save button was not active and I'll have to go back to a previous save and redo that bit.

From the door to Nikopol's father's cell, how do I find my way to the roof??????
After some sleep and several more tries, I finally stumbled upon the exit.

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