Can’t build?

[Post New]by babyblues85 on Mar 12, 18 5:33 PM
I’ve completed the palace, now usually as I complete buildings another section pops up with snails that I use magic and turn back to human form and they clear the land for more expansion. I finished the palace, Ollie is still hovered over a gray patch and I see there is still land and snails under shallow water, so why won’t the water recede for me to move on? There is nothing left to build I’m just trading at this point and creating items for sale! Boring!! I want to expand and clear land, how??? Thanks!

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Re:Can’t build?

[Post New]by TMGamer99 on Mar 13, 18 1:39 AM
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If you've completed the 3 sections of palace, that's it I'm afraid. If you want to continue playing to get all the achievements or get your storage to max, then you can. But there are no more areas to unlock and the game has now been abandoned by the developers unfortunately,


Re:Can’t build?

[Post New]by babyblues85 on Mar 13, 18 8:42 AM
That’s very disappointing!! I can see there’s more underwater, so why would they abandon it in the middle? I love big fish games but that kinda pisses me off since I spent so much on pearls!!! Thank you for the answer it’s appreciated!!!

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