Help with Pebble Grove town 2?

[Post New]by Jennifer_in_AZ on Jul 8, 10 10:52 AM
I can't get that level done in 45 days. Suggestions, anyone?

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Re:Help with Pebble Grove town 2?

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Sep 3, 10 11:42 AM
Jennifer, I'd love to help, but I'm stuck on this level too. Are you saying that you fail a level if you don't finish in 45 days? I've always managed to finish in the 30s somewhere. I can only advise as follows: train all the bachelors that already live there first (7 I think), then another 4 before you build any more houses. Rotate the men as quickly as you can. As soon as one sweats take him to the rest area and put another waiting there in his station (I find there's always one waiting on someone else) and so on. It also helps early on in each level to determine the trend of what they are asking to be trained in on that level. You can then delete some stations that are obsolete for that level, move the others around a bit and upgrade the most used stations to the best available. That way the men train faster and you save a lot of time.

Now MY problem is that I can't seem to place the diner correctly to get 8 houses around it. There just does not seem to be enough room. If you have any ideas, I'd gladly hear them.

Take care. Hope you beat that 45 days!

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