Bad English

[Post New]by heatherceana on Mar 17, 18 6:08 AM
Why would you put out a game without checking your English? It's an object, not a subject. A china hutch is not a cupboard. A razor is not a shaver or shavor, or however you had spelled the word. I was afraid to see what you felt a carriage is. Using the proper words is very important in seek-and-find games (hidden objects). Frankly, how someone can make a "hidden object" game and then call them subjects is beyond me.

I frankly didn't get any further. No one expects perfect English, but an English dictionary would tell you the meaning of a word you are about to use. Subject and object are only synonymous regarding the nominative case. My sentence subject is indeed an object, but neither the direct nor indirect object.

I found the story to be okay, but it's frankly unspeakably evil to steal a girl's soul because you want pieces of a compass back. It's just the excuse to play though. :-)

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