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Stuck in Hallway!!!

[Post New]by Egad on Jul 10, 10 8:57 PM
I am stuck in the hallway in front of the Princess Chambers, Library, and Ceremonial Halls. The Library is the only one that is not cleared, it need 3 more jewels. I cannot back out of the hallway, only keep moving into the those three rooms and then the rooms they contain. What have I missed? The walk doesn't even touch on this.

On the map, I am in the Ceremonial Entrance with the Princess and Priests Chambers cleared as well as everything to the left of them. Them Burial, Enbalmers and Alchemy chambers are in red but they said location cleared when I left them. I assume they will have others items to pick up later.

Please help!!!!


Re:Stuck in Hallway!!!

[Post New]by rkswright on Feb 12, 13 9:04 PM
stuck in hallway, cannot find anything to pick up. when I get Ceremonial Halls and get the door open, I cannot get in.

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