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locked out

[Post New]by karatopa on Mar 18, 18 4:54 AM
and a deafening silence from the mods
does not look good too bad it was always my favourite game even if i haven' played since i pad got locked out good luck all

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Re:locked out

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Mar 18, 18 1:20 PM
Hi karatopa,

Our Moderator team is aware of troubles connecting to the game, and we passed along the reports our players had posted a couple of days ago. I'll continue to pass along the reports and threads created today so that the teams behind the game have as much information as possible about what our players are experiencing. In the meantime, we appreciate our players' patience and understanding as our teams investigate the situation.

Since there are multiple threads about this issue, I'm going to lock this one so that the investigating teams can locate all of the reports quickly and easily. If there are further concerns or information to add, please post those details here:


Please feel free to PM one of our active Moderators with any questions. We'll do everything we can to help.


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