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Glitch in bonus- Possible SPOILER!

[Post New]by ark161 on Mar 18, 18 7:28 AM
In the bonus game, there is a glitch where at the library scene, in the first HOS you have to open a book, but in the second HOS(same location, the library), the book is covering up the needed object[sieve], and the SG shows that the sieve is located under the book but if you click on the book it won't close. Is this some in-game glitch? I just bought this CE edition yesterday. It's a bug most likely as another fishy here had the same issue. This is ridiculous! Yet again another game in which the CE nor the SG does not work! I am thinking of asking for my two credits back for this. Can any one help me? No other way around this to pick up the sieve! Pls help me!!

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