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stuck on level 13

[Post New]by sles on Mar 18, 18 2:09 PM
how can I successfully get past this task? I cant seem to figure out how to use my "starfill challenge" I create the starfill, I go to the Captians land, I press the "blue circle with the plus sign, I select the starfill character, I hit enter. I complete the HOP and then I select a reward. WHAT am I doing wrong? I still cant get past this exercise to complete my goal! Help!


Re:stuck on level 13

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Mar 19, 18 7:38 AM
sles, I'm guessing that you encountered one of the program bugs. Look carefully at the task. The words may be different from the REAL request. It may say the Captains Cabin, when the picture really means the Fireplace HOS. It also may also say Starfall when the picture really means Rainfall. Everyone has had this same problem. Once you get the REAL task, then you will be able to continue. Good luck.

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