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[Post New]by MamaDuckMoose on Mar 20, 18 1:43 AM
Hi there, I played this game for years, and gave up when i had a drama with Margaret's gloves, so I've recently started from the beginning. However, i am yet to make any friends. I get the gratuitous 5 a day, but its such an old game they may not play any more, or decide that a newbie isn't worth adding for keys etc! Soooo... it would be really nice if someone could send me a friend code or something so we can be neighbours! Good luck all either way.

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Re:Friends Needed

[Post New]by Dirk_Tee on Mar 20, 18 1:49 AM
There is a thread called "Social Code", where people looking for friends can post their friend code. You can use these codes to send friend requests.
Best to start from the most recent one and work your way up.
The last one is here:

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Re:Friends Needed

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Mar 20, 18 6:00 AM
Hi MamaDuckMoose and Welcome to the Forum

I started a game in November (2017) on my computer and another on my laptop recently. Both games have been inviting the gratuitous 5 per day and still getting plenty of accepting of invites. Roughly, I invite the 5 random and get approximately 1 acceptance from them per day. I've gotten the achievement completed for inviting 100 friends from the random invites on my main game.

What I'm saying is...

Keep inviting the random 5 per day AND go to the thread that Dirk Tee (above) mentioned and collect some fairly recent id codes to invite found on the last two pages of the friend code thread.


Re:Friends Needed

[Post New]by MamaDuckMoose on Mar 20, 18 12:40 PM
Thanks guys

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