One of my Favorite!

[Post New]by HiddenObjectsFan on Jul 12, 10 2:15 PM
Pure Hidden is by far one of the best Hidden Object games ever!

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Re:One of my Favorite!

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on Oct 5, 10 7:18 PM
I have to agree that this game is wondrfully addicting and I don't know why/? I thought it sounded unique and just bought it for the eye candy wallpapers....i figured three dollars what the heck? I have been playing it off and on since yesterday and can't seem to stop. It has so many different and unique game plays and the games alone are very different. the hidden object aspect is very appealing so much that the eye boggles looking around. I find this game a 5 star!. ......and i think MCF is still the bomb but if you love hidden objects and amazing graphics then this game, no storyline whatsover, just amazing eye candy is a very wonderful addition to your repotoire. I love this game .....if this company comes out with a Pure Hidden 2 I am first in line for that and chewing off any fins who try to touch it first! This is just a really neat hidden gem, that very few people noticed and is so fabulous once you get into it. I can't stop so I am heading back. CIAO!ADIOS! *submerging once more back into the depths of the gaming world*


Re:One of my Favorite!

[Post New]by mo2txseesaw on May 19, 12 9:20 AM
I agree. I love this game for its variety. No ghosts or ghouls. No darkness, just plain HO. No back and forths and the HO are so different from each other that you can play for hours and not get bored. I still have some difficulty in finding a few objects even though I might have just played the game recently.

I have had this game for several months and it is my "go to" game when I just want to relax. A few of the interim games are childish, so I skip when I am allowed to do so. But this is one game that I can let my very young grandchildren play on my computer without worrying about the graphics and story line. If you like HOG, you will certainy get what the name implys. Pure Hidden.

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