Level 39

[Post New]by maggiemay84 on Mar 21, 18 1:58 PM
I cannot seem to keep Sharon from moving too much to get the bonus. Do you just have to play until you luck onto a session where fewer people ask for tea or props? or do you let people get mad and leave?

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Re:Level 39

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Mar 21, 18 8:58 PM
Try to have Sharon collect the items in the same area where they are. For example, get the mustache, fan, sheriff hat, and refill the lavender (for the scones) while in that area. Sharon always goes back to where the hot/iced drinks are, so if a bunch of customers are requesting the teas, do it all at the same time. Avoid having going back and forth between areas. Serve the non-table customers first since you have an entertainer to keep the table customers happy.


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