THANKS developers...made my of my FAVORITES!!!!!

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Mar 23, 18 4:49 PM
OMG...I am so stinking HAPPY to see this today perfect timing, I so need to RELAX & CHILL...and this game does exactly that!!!!

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Re:THANKS developers...made my of my FAVORITES!!!!!

[Post New]by cal711 on Mar 23, 18 7:04 PM
I'm right there with you. It's so great to see that some companies are still willing to make the simple HOG's that I (and obviously a lot of others) love. I've tried 1-hour trials of a couple of those dark and dismal games that involve inventories, storylines, characters, and dialogue but I find them tedious and aggravating, exactly what I DON'T want in a game. I want simple hidden object scenes, some fun puzzles, and enjoyment. I now have all 7 "Park Ranger" games and I feel like I know my way around that place pretty well... it's almost like I've actually visited there for real!

To anyone from game companies who might happen to read forums like this: PLEASE don't give up on games like this (along with the "Big City Adventure" ones) because there's definitely an audience willing to pay for these.


Re:THANKS developers...made my of my FAVORITES!!!!!

[Post New]by Marinersfan04 on Mar 24, 18 5:45 AM
I echo the same thoughts. I had just finished replaying all the Park Ranger games and was wondering when/if #7 would appear, and it did! Relaxing and fun, I hope they will make many more.


Re:THANKS developers...made my of my FAVORITES!!!!!

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Mar 24, 18 4:03 PM
Hiya Cal711 and Marinersfan04 ,

So very happy to see I am not alone in loving these simple, yet so enjoyable & fun, H0G's!!
For me, due to health reasons and my memory, some of the harder games, do become tedious and more frustrating, than relaxing and enjoyable, for me.
I know many others enjoy the challenge, so I am glad there is something for everyone, on this site...YAY!!
But for now, this type is perfect for me, along with many Jigsaw games, that I totally like playing as well.

Yes...Cal711, I can't really afford vacations right now, and agree 100%, these games do make me feel like I've visited them for real also lol!!
And I am so with you, if the developers keep making them, I will keep buying them!

Marinersfan04...I also had just finished replaying the Park Ranger games, and a very special person, who thinks of others, had just given me a free game code, which is so appreciated, and thank God, I saved it and had it to get this game!!
I was so hoping this game would appear, like you...and it did, OMG...really made my day for sure, used my free game code from a friend, as soon as I saw this!!

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Re:THANKS developers...made my of my FAVORITES!!!!!

[Post New]by linnovak on Mar 27, 18 12:04 AM
I completely agree with you all and wish more games like this would come out! Seems like a lot of people like them since it is already on the Top 10 down load list!

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Re:THANKS developers...made my of my FAVORITES!!!!!

[Post New]by vikina43 on Mar 30, 18 1:04 PM
Hi, cal711, Marinersfan04, quarlesqueen and linnovak!
I feel exactly the same as all of you. I love these games and I have all of the Park Rangers and Cruise series. These type of games are relaxing and have enjoyable challenges. I play them over and over until a new one comes out.. I don't like the games with dark characters and intricate storylines.
Thank you developers!!!!

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