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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Fuzzball_Friends on Apr 13, 16 3:04 PM
Hi everyone! I'm in need of Spring Event friends.

You can find me as username Fuzzball at Level 19.

My Friend ID is i1317782.

Thanks for any help and best of luck to everyone!
Fuzzball (real name Valerie)


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Fuzzball_Friends on Apr 13, 16 3:06 PM
Also YellowVette needs friends. User ID i2061567

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Jvr99 on Apr 14, 16 9:00 AM
Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for some new friends, my code is i474219.

I've got loads of new friends now, thanks to everyone, I'm having to refuse requests now, which I don't like doing, but if I don't refuse them I will have far too many friends to gift regularly. Thanks again

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Sheri5823 on Apr 14, 16 9:43 AM
Hi guys I mistakenly put my code in wrong before. I play as Sheri *SE* and my number is. i277630 thanks

Hey everyone I appreciate all who responded to my request for spring friends but I have so many now 120, I can barely get them done each day so I have to deny anyone else who asks. Sorry! I hope my poor tapping finger holds out till spring event is over. Thanks again.

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Lucy_Q on Apr 14, 16 10:00 AM
I am up for Spring Event friends! No worries if you delete me afterwards.

My id is i72788

I gift every day, in the order I receive them, so don't be upset if I don't respond immediately - I will get there in the end (as long as you don't want anything massively expensive)

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Hojunkie on Apr 14, 16 10:52 AM code is i2052767. I am at lever 71 and love the game!! Looking for friends in the "spring terrace". Will reciprocate gifts if I got 'em! Have fun and enjoy the game!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Greyfox2 on Apr 14, 16 5:19 PM
Greetings! Looking for a few new friends. I am at level 71, and play daily. I gift often, and love this game. Spring is here! Greyfox.

Thanks to those players that have sent requests. I now seem to have enough friends for awhile!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by A_johnncsu on Apr 15, 16 12:56 PM
Hi everyone, I'm totally new to any forum. I am on level 71. I'm a daily player. I gift everyday.(note: i have more friends then allowed to gift daily, i try and spread it out) Never can have to many friends with this new Spring Terrace room.
so the more the merrier, player id i341169

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by nevar666 on Apr 16, 16 7:52 AM
Looking for more friends for Spring room update.
I have 2 games - nevar i1463436 and casper i2036185
I already have few friends from here - thank you for accepting my invites.
Good luck in the spring event - lots to do!


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Tinka23 on Apr 16, 16 12:07 PM
Happy Spring to Everyone! Had to start game from beginning after playing for about six months and reaching a high level; had over 10,000 flowers... Unsuccessful iOS 9 update destroyed game progress. Never had friends, but would like some, mostly so I can send gifts and receive postcards in return. Want to finally get a flap eared puppy - was almost there, after sending many gifts to "John". Promise to be a good friend. Tinka23, i2164965.


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by LindaKristin on Apr 16, 16 1:39 PM
I need more friends I'm at level 71.



Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Yve1967 on Apr 16, 16 4:57 PM
I'm level 71 and need friends for the spring event.

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by _k_a_t_a_r_i_n_a on Apr 16, 16 5:45 PM
Love this game, but would love to send & receive gifts to be able to accomplish more. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My code is: i2090940 katarina. Thanks bunches!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Skdu on Apr 16, 16 6:50 PM
The spring fling requires a lot of friends. Please be one of mine. My player code is i2068984. I promise to send as many gifts as I can. Thanks


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by tensinovitis on Apr 16, 16 7:14 PM
Hi there,
I am looking for friends not only for spring but for all seasons. When my tablet crashed, I lost all my friends, thank goodness to the people of midnight castle they
were able to give my game back to me.
My ID code is i2191699. Cookie Monster is the name.
Looking forward to have you as my friend.


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by LilyPotts58 on Apr 16, 16 7:38 PM
Please I need friends. My code is i285154.

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Nickimine on Apr 17, 16 10:08 AM
I need friends! If you'd like to be friends just to use each other's Spring Room to reach the achievement, that's great. Please add me?
My Player Name : jeannie
Friend Code ID : i 695714

I also need regular gifting friends, not just for Spring Event. If you need regular friends like I do - please send me a PM. I'd love to hear from you!

If you don't need another regular gifting friend, I hope you'll still add me for the Spring Event!


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Jrstern on Apr 17, 16 12:22 PM
Please add me i2002412. thanks!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by pennyking123 on Apr 18, 16 9:13 AM
From bear i2050785 I thank u for the friends that I have got but for right now I can't handle any more please I have 50 friends and again thanks


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by DKEmpress on Apr 18, 16 1:04 PM
Looking for lots of new friends to do spring challenges with. Still have more than 600 spring terraces to visit. Please add i554176. My toon DKempress is a very active level 71 character.

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