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[Post New]by welshrarebit56 on Sep 8, 17 1:15 AM
After my trip away and the long journey back, I hear frivolities coming from somewhere.

Oh, heck I think, the Gang have just returned from a triumphant whatever they have been upto thingy dodah and are celebrating.

I gulp, take in a huge deep breath, how on earth am I going to tell them.

I find where the source of the noise is coming from, the Tea rooms. Entering gingerly, I stand there just for a few seconds, before being noticed by PTG,

"Shelley your back, welcome welcome, you look exhausted, my friend, can we get you something?"
"Just a cup of tea, please"

"I did buy pressies for you all" I say, but I'm sorry I left them behind, coz I was in a hurry to return, and tell you all something".............gulp, big intake of air.

All at once, there was a chorus of "WHAT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys this is the story............

As you know, I took the pesky Piskies back to the West Country, I got as far as the river which separates Devon and Cornwall. The Piskies were really excited at being near to their home, they asked if they could go now, and make their own way home from there. I did hesitate, but their pleading made me soften a bit, so I let them out of their cage.
Out of no where, came a few more Piskies, that live under the Cornish side of the Bridge.
More Gulps and sharp in takes of breath from me............The gang are sat there eyes popping and mouths wide open, not saying a word. The party is over it now seems and I am spoiling it for them.

News had arrived from these Piskies, that at Tintagel, a Castle in north Cornwall, some work was being done, and a terrible force was released, and is heading to all Castles. Luckily though, it also released Lancelot and Merlin, to help save the day, but they need help.
The 2 Piskies I was returning, looked at me and asked if they could help, I said no, I must return to MC immediately, you carry on home now.

So, here I am, with the bad news my friends, what the force is, I just don't know.

The hush in the Tea Room was deafining........................

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Sep 8, 17 3:01 AM
Cap’n Bob seems to be of the opinion that dandydog’s problem of sudden appearances and disappearances is easily resolved.

I am not so sure.

Someone or something has done a “number on her” and I think she (or part of her) is wandering in between the Realms.

We need to get her stabilized in this one, so she can fulfill her function as Cap’n Bob’s ‘gopher’ (gedit?: go for this and go for that!).

As an emergency measure I think that I have just the thing and hand her a newly crafted, fully charged Bridger of Realms. This insignificant but powerful piece of MC magic should do the trick if she has the will to resolve where she really wants to be.


And here she is, looking somewhat surprised but very relieved.

I am just about to congratulate myself on another job well done when I catch sight of yet another wanderer returning to the fold in the form of our Welsh pixie lover.

And once more we are immersed in another unfolding mystery to our saga.

I look to my partner Cap’n Bob to tell us what he proposes to do about it.

Everyone else seems to be in varying stages of 'gobsmackedness' as her tale unfolds!

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[Post New]by dandydog on Sep 8, 17 4:12 AM
Ecccck...Ecck...Eccccc?.... ...Hush Egor! I's trying to comprehend what our dear long lost friend Welsh Rabbit Shelley is whispering to PTG about... ....Oh, here comes Mrs Fletcher with her ever ready for every occasion "Cuppa Strong Tea." ....Eccck..EccccK?.. ..How an the heck would I know if-fen she put in a spoonful or two of the Captain's favorite "Honey Rum?".. ...OMG!..It must be very important news indeed cause now Captain Randy, Roo and the whole Special Room Slightly Insane Gang is gathering around our still slightly bedraggled lost no more Friend Shelley.''' "Pesky Piskies?" ...Why in the world she talking about the Piskies and......"Dandy Dog!"... Gulp.. ..Busted ..Get your behind back in the kitchen this very minute!... ..."But Mrs Fletcher"... ..what if I have to know all the important news just in the case Captain Randy needs me and Egor for a very Important assignment or such?... ...I am certain if our illustrious Captain needs your help Pup, He will know where to find you now scoot!.....Ya know Egor, She's right ...cause my keen Puppy-dog senses.. .. are telling me somethings afoot here in the Special Room and we all needs to be ready for whats a coming next.......Meanwhile, after doing our chores for Mrs Fletcher Egor, lets go and practice some more with that nifty Gadget PTG done gave us OK?...

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Sep 9, 17 1:07 PM
The party comes to a screeching halt as we all gather around and we all stare in shock.
Is it true our welshrarebit has returned??? Shelly??? is it truly you, as I grab and hug her tight man you look beat come sit and have a hot tea or maybe something stronger .
All of a sudden I look up and low and behold is my dandydog I look at PTG with raised eyebrows???? and he gives me a smug look *** your welcome****
Oh this is to good to be true we have almost the whole gang here so PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
But Shelly holds up her hand and in between gulps for air she tells us the story of the pesky pixies .... my mouth almost hits the floor and my downunder as I almost miss the chair trying to sit and my glass hits the floor and shatters.
What in the world you saying Shelly???? those are words of DOOM not only this fake MC Castle but the real Castle is in dire danger??
Ok ok ok think Cap how do we fight something we really do not know what is coming and who is doing this, it's sounds to diabolical to come from Murk and his evil kid .
How much time do we have Shelly before this hits us???
My mind is spinning and I feel like I am going to hurl.
We need a plan and FAST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Sep 10, 17 2:37 AM
The phrase immortalized by Mr. Adams comes to mind:

"Don't Panic!"

We are all sat here waiting for some profound words of wisdom from Cap'n Bob and What did he just say?

"We need a plan and fast!"

Of course we need a plan and fast doesn't even approach the speed of this impending doom.

I leave it to Grim and Roo to rummage around in their technical closets, books of wisdom and crafting inventory for a solution, though I suspect that most of them are too related to the MC realm to be of much use.

We must get out of this artificial bubble of space/time that we are incarcerated in and just perhaps the Cap'n's original plan may be the best one.

With Dandy Dog now with us, the enhanced jalopy is ready and waiting for action.

I have my trusty broom with all its "additions" and a comfortable sofa-like charabanc to follow them on.

I also notice in the corner of my eye that Mrs Fletcher is busy packing up some sandwiches and filling flasks with her "special" brew.

Once out of our artificial cocoon I am sure that our little female Welsh spitfire will guide us to a place of advantage to reconnoiter for this impending doom.


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[Post New]by welshrarebit56 on Sep 10, 17 4:28 AM
I emerge out of my cuckoo clock, feeling a lot refreshed, thanks to lots of Mrs Fletchers cups of tea.
Below, I find the whole gang sitting quietly, ready and able, PTG with his broom, Grim and Roo with a huge bag of their gadgets, even a large crate (I’m hoping it’s full of Genie Lamps). Capn Bob, with a large writing piece and book of maps. There is also a large bag of goodies from Mrs Fletcher’s tea shop, for the next adventure.

“Bore Da, my friends, sorry I slept in” I say

“No problem”, they all say at once

“We all sat late into the night wondering what to do, but came to nothing coz we don’t know what the impending doom is” ??????

“The piskies, told me, if they have any update, they will send a coded postcard by the mailman”

Capn Bob, says “and how do we decode this code”

I don’t really know, I reply, but I’m sure the Piskies have thought of that.

Mrs Fletcher arrives, with another tray of goodies, is about to leave and says
“ Where is Lancelot and Merlin. I thought they were going to save the day? Looks like my favourite customers are having to go this alone!!!!!!!!!!!”

The trusted band, just sit now in silence, that’s all we can do now and wait for the mailman........................


Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by welshrarebit56 on Sep 10, 17 8:14 AM
The Gang wait patiently for a short while, then the fidgeting starts, someone finds the Cards of Doom, oh great I think, why can’t they be an ordinary pack. Eventually a proper pack is taken from the Inn.
A game of poker starts and the chips (no not French Fries) are piling up in the middle, someone is about to lose their shirt I think.

When all of a sudden BANG BANG on the door, everyone jumps. I run to the door, and there stands Mail Man, “Delivery for Welsh Rabbit”, he says, umph I think, it’s Rarebit not Rabbit.
The table overturns as everyone rushes to the door, chips, cards, drinking vessels and grub get thrown to all corners of the room.
Thanks I say to the Mailman, he doffs his cap and hastens down the path, muttering something about, weird lot.

Quick Welsh open it, is it from the Piskies, can our new venture start???????

Tearing open the parcel inside is a Scarlet Seal and inside that is a book called The Volume of Fury. A note drops to the floor, quickly picked up by Egor who jumps and runs around the room, eeeeeking as he goes.
The place is chaos, as we all try to catch him, slipping on the drink and food shrewn all over the floor.
I stop suddenly and burst out laughing this is like something out of a 1920’s slapstick film.
Egor is swinging from a lamp, and starts to shred the note, it rains down on us like snow. All pieces gathered, we now have the task of fitting this jigsaw together. Grim finds a reel of cellotape and there it is, the explaination.

Dear All,
We have sent the decode book separately, postcards to follow soon. Please keep the book safe, there are only 2, we have one you have the other.
But what we can tell you is Lancelot and Merlin are on their way. Postcards will now be delivered by various flying creatures, they will find you Welsh Rarebit. Please water and feed them and send them back.
Best Wishes
The Piskies

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by playingthegame on Sep 10, 17 10:05 AM
We all sit there reading the re-assembled message with our mouths in various stages of agog-edness!

I turn to my male companion and say:
"Well? What are we going to do about this latest potential disaster?

"We have not yet solved the existing one

"Is the souped up jalopy going to do the trick and transport you to where you anticipate we will escape this inter-dimensional bubble we are trapped in?"

I can see the others are trembling in anticipation (at least I think that it is with anticipation), when I have a sudden thought.

"Why don't we harness our various pets to create a diversion, using the menageries in our MC lockers?"

"If Murk, or one of his minions, are spying on us, then they will be confused as to whom to watch - us or them.

"What do you say Commander in Chief of this band of daring-doers?"

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Sep 10, 17 1:45 PM
After loosing my shirt at the card table and watching the shenanigans and Chaos going on with Egor that trouble maker and seeing everyone scared and worried out of there minds what we are to do, and hear someone ask about Lancelot and Merlin,
I think yeah right Lancelot is to busy chasing the new maid and Merlin well he is still to far away so I turn to PTG you know mate you do not have to be so smug about things
and seeing you are second in command is it NOT your job to help me plan things or are you still to busy playing with your new toy ,,,,, It strikes me that might have been a bit harsh so I say sorry mate a bit tense here but lets all calm down because it just struck me,,, how did the mailman get here??? how did the ***Pisikies***** send a note for us??
Think about it we are trap here in this bubble fake MC Castle controlled by Evil Murk and his dark heart Arabella kid so put two and two together and I am sure you will see it is another trick to scare us into action that will blow up at us so, I know exactly what to do, now gather close and let me explain.
each will have a VERY important assignment and they will have to be followed to the letter.
Dandydog go be ready with the PUT PUT, Roo I need you to make me some paint bombs big enough to fit in the canyons and filled with different colors so that what ever I send them to it will stick and light up so make me several, Grim I need you to make us some device that we can be in contact with each other ** seeing I do not have Amulets for all of you, something small like a watch maybe?
DD what can you do with your bracelet that will help me??
Angel I will need you and PTG with me and PTG can you get that flying carpet here I will need it to load up the canyons and dandydog can use the PUT PUT to bring them here, now this will take several trips because those canyons are heavy but we can do it...
I will explain every step of the plan as we do it ,, I DO NOT WANT any leaks as to what we are about to do,,, these walls might have ears so step by step now lets go
I watch every one scatter like leaves in the wind as I grab my shirt from the floor sorry I need this...........


Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by welshrarebit56 on Sep 10, 17 9:34 PM
24 hours later.....................

We are still waiting, but we have been busy. PTG sweeping up after the mess was made when we all chased Egor.
Grim and Roo, showing me their latest gadgets, and how to use them.
Capn Bob, looking at his book of maps and wondering what route Lancelot and Merlin will take, reading his notes.

Me, I have been looking at THE book, can’t make head or tail of the writing and heiroglyphics in there.
All the gang have looked, and we still can’t work them out, we are hoping when the 1st postcard arrives it will all make sense.
So, here I am sat at the table scratching my head, trying to figure out this book, when in walks Mrs Fletcher, with her grand tray of goodies.
“Oh that looks like a good read Welsh, is it from the Library? Pretty colour that one, oh it would match the other 2 that are in there”

Say that again please Mrs Fletcher, she repeats, and adds I’m always in there, picking up a good book, when you lot are away and it’s quiet here. The books are Purple and Blue, oh and I’ve also seen a Pirate Code in there as well.

We all look at it each other, and we all become statues, each of us willing each other to make the first move. PTG goes over to Mrs Fletcher and gives her a big hug, we all do the same, dancing around her. She looks amazed, what have I done, she asks.
We think you have saved us, from scratching our heads til they bleed, Mrs Fletcher, that’s what you have done, says Capn Bob.

The jalopy is fired up, and we all rush to it to head for the Library. Oh whoops not enough room in there, I decide I would stay back in case the first postcard arrives. The others disappear over the horizon, me and Mrs Fletcher cheering them on.

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Sep 11, 17 1:02 AM
I am amazed at the speed the female of the species can achieve when it comes to a free lift on mechanized transport.

I, being a gentleman, am last on and barely make the end edge of the jalopy’s seat.

Whoever is at the front driving the thing obviously only knows the basics of the controls: on or off and so we roar out of the Tea Room at breakneck speed.

For me that is nearly the end of this saga as I am catapulted backward into the Tea Room and land in a heap by my partner’s feet.

He glances at me, tuts, but expresses no surprise or concern for my well-being and carries on pouring over his literature.

Somewhat shaken (but not stirred!) I haul myself into the sitting position and politely ask if the jalopy is insured.

Mrs Fletcher, kind soul that she is, hovers over me with a soothing drink and wanting to rub embrocation on my sore extremities. The latter I decline as I am made of sterner stuff!

I then curse myself for being a stupid *****!

I have a magical broom that can turn itself into very comfortable transport and travels almost instantaneously between locations. I do not need anything else.

My broom suddenly morphs into a red plush davenport with strange protrusions at the sides. These turn out to be rocket motors!

And >>>>

We are in the Tower Library and alone!

I smile and wait as I hear a faint: put-put which gets louder and louder as it approaches.

I also hear several females bickering as to whether to turn left or right or just go straight ahead.

This ceases when they too are deposited into the library in a dusty and grimy heap!

From my comfortable seat, I give a little wave.

“Hi there! What took you so long?”

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[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 11, 17 12:12 PM
We sit listening to Captain Randy and PTG. Seems we are getting ourselves ready to fight through the evil keeping us in this ‘bubble’.

After mon capitaine assigned our jobs, we all clamber aboard the ‘jalopy’? We barely noticed PTG falling off the edge of the seat except to note there was more room for us with all of our carry-alongs.

I looked back to see him land safely. I hope he catches the next ride.

There is MUCH debate about which turn to take or not take. Where is a GPS when you really need it? Even if the GPS scolds you when taking a wrong turn, at least it has an idea about where you should be!

We make it through the Dark Tower entrance and navigate the rickety stairs up to the Library.

PTG is there waiting for us. That man can be a vexation to the spirit but we are all glad he made it here without harm.

We each explore the small space, dancing around carefully to avoid the hole in the floor. I need to be especially careful. I do have a tendency to dance with two left feet.

Just a handful of bodies fill the room to its dusty corners. I am on the lookout for PTG’s OCD broom. It would be my luck that it would sweep me into the hole in the floor.

Roo finds and begins climbing the bookshelf ladder while Angel has perched herself on the bookstand ‘to read the book on the stand better’. Does she need contacts?

I am searching the books at eye level. I don’t have a clue as to what I am looking for though. Finding a book here is pretty much like finding a book at the bookstore or local library....I look for the most colorful and that’s the one I take.

I believe we were given the task to find purple (my fav), blue, or Pirate-themed books. Unfortunately, there are various shades and tones of purple and blue books. Oh bother! These all look dull and deary.

I do find one that must be a swashbuckler! The cover is filled with a voluptuous Pirate Wench holding her captured British officer with a small dagger at his throat. The title...Dagger of Love ...WOW.

Okay, this one is MINE!

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 11, 17 2:10 PM
Grabbing a dust-free spot on the old wooden floor and taking in the cover of my chosen book, again. A Pirate Wench.......closing my eyes to see better, the picture in my mind’s eye. I can feel and smell the salty mist that sprays up from the bow crashing to meet the rising waves.

The British officer is not trying to escape my deadly embrace. From the rhythmic in-and-out movement of his chest, I know he has calmed, waiting to find his blood spilled on the forecastle of my galleon. However, I have no intention of any blood spilling. He is much more valuable in ways that affect a wench’s heart.

In a fit of coughing, brought on by the broom with a severe case of OCD, I drop my swash-buckler into the gloom of the hole-in-the-floor as my hand covers my nose and mouth.

OhNo. That darn broom.....ubrittlepieceofadonkeysend!!!!!!!

I eye the whiskered straw culprit, grab a dusty tome from the closest shelf, and bring it down on the rigid, meddlesome stump. I attempt to send it after my British officer but the broom is stubborn, righting itself and flying to PTG. I can see it cowering behind PTG’s pant leg.

Leaving the room in a flurry of cape and dust, I slow in the hallway to keep from finding a lit torch to finish the job. I see a glow from the other end of the hall and decide to occupy my mind with other thoughts.

Peering into the dim, pinkish gloom, I can see flasks and beakers positioned all around the room.

Again, a hole in an old wooden floor. You’d think no one had used this place for eons.

I ease myself around to the only desk. Not much on top of the desk but the closed drawer must hold something worth inspecting. There are leaf designs on the front of the desk and.....a dragon-pull. I pull it carefully. I would not want to be left holding only the dragon part.

Sheesh....gosh darn it!!!!....nothing much in the drawer but small post-it notes with scribbles, lint in the corners, a few unbent paper clips, and a dirty, once-white feather ink pen. I have no ink to use this with but I take it anyway. It fits entirely in my red velvet pouch. I AM becoming a thief!

Back to the hallway.

Below looks to be a very dusty, sooty fireplace that has glowing embers in it. I must check this out. Someone had to light this fire......

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 11, 17 3:28 PM
As I slowly descend, I catch a glimpse of my book. It fell to the lumpy chair opposite the old fireplace. I hurried down to grab it. I flopped into the old tattered cushions of the chair and grabbed the book. Pulling my knees up, I wiggled to get comfy and went back to making sure I memorized the picture on the dust cover.

I like to remove the cover before starting to read. As I pulled it away, I saw that the binding was purple. A lifelike, 3D, feminine face was embossed in the center. The material felt like smooth worked leather.

The woman seemed to be sleeping. There was no title to draw one to read it and the purple face did not engender a desire to open the book. I opened it slowly, though, afraid something horrid would spring out at me!

The pages were yellowed and stiff. A musty order wafted up upon opening to the title page. There was a title. Book of Redesignation. The subtitle...A tale of self-sacrifice. This is one of the books we were looking for!

But.....self-sacrifice?? How or why would WE need to sacrifice to fight this evil that keeps us in this fake Castle? What would WE need to give up? ? ? ? ? ?

More confused than ever, I reluctantly returned to the Library to give the book to PTG. I didn’t want any part of it....except the pretty Pirate Wench cover which I folded neatly and stuck in my pouch on my way back up the stairs.

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by playingthegame on Sep 12, 17 12:02 AM
As I sit there reclining in my sumptuous couch I watch my fellow daring-doers scurrying like mice all over the library in order to find the vital tome.

The scurrying lasts about 30 seconds!

Looking at each of them I espy Angel deep into a thin book with a yellow cover and giggling intermittently before looking round to see if anyone is watching her.

When she sees me staring at her, her face turns bright red and in a fit of coughing quickly replaces the book.

I turn to see what Grim is finding and watch her carefully spinning the Antique Globe.

Obviously the rabbit mind has a short attention span and our mission has now escaped her.

A little sigh is in order: “Sigh!

Where is Roo?

I espy her in another corner of the room appearing to be losing a battle against two rather fierce looking spiders who regard that particular book shelf as their territory.

With a twitch of my broom I glean some surplus flies from the HOS Repository and toss them to her.

She quickly hurls them over and the spiders then scurry away to hoard them, before returning to their sentry posts on the web - and still threatening her.

Another twitch of my broom and I pass over two bags of pet food specially adapted for spider consumption.

They ARE voracious beasties and the food quickly disappears.

The bloated spiders then appear to fall asleep and take no further interest in Roo and what she is trying to do.

I glance back at Angel and there she is again with that yellow book giggling away!
She is incorrigible.

Time to find DD and see what her antics are, so where is she?

Ah! There she is – attacking my broom!

I get the thought from my magical rod that the girl is out of this world (or mind) and has no conception of cleanliness.

She does not mind either the dust or dust bunnies which are scattered around her like confetti.

She also has a look of triumph on her face!

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Sep 12, 17 12:24 PM
I find myself agin alone and wondering WTH just happened.
One minute I am giving out assignments and watch the group start to scatter then they all come to a screeching halt, mumble mumble and a wale of a scream TO THE LIBRARY and hear the PUT PUT screech off OMG dandydog flooring it like that your going to blow the engine or stripe the gears
As I scratch my mind in utter amazement and how hair brained this group is when I hear a THUD and see PTG hit the floor right by my foot??????????
The he takes out his new toy and POOFFFFFFFFFFFFF he is gone.
I have no idea what everyone thinks they are going to do with a bunch of books , first as Shelly said she could not read nor understand them so WTH????
I am so tired of being stuck in this lunnie toon of a fake MC Castle and am so home sick to get back to camp and see everyone and all the critters and make sure all is fine there and to finally be in a safe and sane place so that I and the troops can get on with our mission to find and free The Wise One and reunite Hm and his Mate The Golden Queen and then we can make short work of Murk and ugly Arabella and restore MC to it past beauty and return the Castle and areas to the rightful Queen I mean ruler.
At that moment Mrs Fletcher comes from her Fort Knox of a kitchen and stands there with her mouth open like WHERE IS EVERYONE GONE????
I remove the tray from her hands and say please join me I need to talk to someone about what I am going to do now and seeing you and I seem to be the only sane ones here I am sure you will understand........

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by dandydog on Sep 13, 17 4:36 AM
Eccck..Eccck..EccccccK?.. ..Yes I know that Egor! Captain Randy wanted these Crayon Bombs since like forever ago but I am having loads of difficulty's here ya know trying to get Roo's colored Bomb Makings into these teeny tiny Paper Wrappers ... ...I believe I have the Solution to this one Egor my Champion like "Watson!"... .... Lets take all these Colored Bomb Make'uns to our Friends the Monkey Family in the Eastern Realm...With all their handy dandy extremities working together, we should be done with them in just a quick snap or two...."Crackle!, Crackle!, Crackle!"...Yes Captain,...No Captain...It's imperative and highly impotent that Egor and I rush right back with the completed Colored Crayon Bombs ASP?.. .."Crackle, Crackle, Crackle!" "And No More Hot Roding with The Super Duper Scooter?!?.." .... ...Gulp... ....Sorry about that Captain Randy, ...Egor and I with the Monkey Family help have finished with the Bombs so will be back there in just a very careful jiffy......

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 13, 17 7:17 AM
I hand the book over to Sahib sitting contentedly in his royal palanquin here in this dusty, dreary, decaying upstairs dungeon of a room. He declines to touch it without knowing what it is.

As I start to explain how and what I found, Angel loudly yawns, stretching her arms above her head and mumblybumbly moans...”Are we done yet?” ???

The steam escaping from Sahib’s ears is heard across the room!!!

Except me, all eyes turn to him. In the sternest yet quietest voice, Sahib hisses, “We will be DONE when we find the books our dear Mrs. Fletcher told us she has seen in here!”

I do not want to look at him...don’t want to see the perturbedness on his normally self-satisfied countenance.

To change the subject ???..... pushing the open book in front of his still red face , I point to the title.... Book of Resignation.

He reaches towards it, gingerly taking it between thumb and finger but holding it away from him like it’s glowing green and making Geiger Counter noises.’s just a book for our sakes.

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 13, 17 8:09 AM
“Ok gang,” Sahibie says, “We need the blue book and anything related to pirates.”

I guess he is too tired to come down from his lofty perch to help us look.

He mentions the blue book is titled Blood Volume and may have inscriptions penned in dark red.Right! that will help with all of these ‘volumes’ surrounding us to keep us imprisoned! ‡‡

I begin my search again, but not before unsecreting my Wench dust cover and drooling over the handsome British officer. I turned it over. Doing so allowed a glimpse inside. I opened it further, checking to see if the ‘Sahibie Eye’ was watching.

Inside were marks looking a lot like symbols on an ancient tomb. The marks were made by hand ...very rough and spiky. Mrs. Fletcher did say there was a Pirate Code. I could identify a box, a whirlpool @, a tree , a mountain M. Could this be part of a Pirate Code? Maybe Welch Rarebit can decipher this.

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 13, 17 9:17 AM
Knowing how PTG is about taking things, I stand back a bit, out of his reach unless he disembarks the floating couch. I present him with a view of the inside of the dust cover. I can’t help but smile looking at my side of the cover.

He wants to know why I have a simpering grin? Of course, I admit to nothing...just shake my head and stare at him. He reaches for me to hand it over but I step back a little, explaining that I think Welch Rarebit might be able to figure out the meaning of the symbols.

Following the laws of Murphy, I tumble into the danged hole-in-the-floor, without OCD Broom’s help!

You might have guessed, I land in the chair opposite the old fireplace. By-the-by, the fireplace is still smoldering. Is this an everlasting flame?

Walking to the hearth, I glance upon an antique knob protruding from the metal surround. It looks like a shutoff valve. What!?!? Turning it one way does nothing. Twisting the other direction brings flames to the once glowing embers. I twist it back to turn off the gas. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to keep this place heated.

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